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Metro Service Group, located in New Orleans, Louisiana is a multi-faceted      corporation with specific expertise and certifications in the areas of Environmental  Services, Construction/Demolition  and Disaster Response and Recovery.  Metro Service Group is a licensed Contractor, certified in Building Construction; Heavy Construction; Highway, Street and Bridge Construction; Municipal and Public Works Construction and Solid Waste Management. 


Founded in 1982, Metro Service Group, formerly Metro Disposal, Inc. has grown from a single-axle rear loading truck into a major industrial services firm that serves the southeastern region of the United States with offices in Baton Rouge, LA, Hattiesburg, MS, Pensacola, FL and Atlanta, GA.  In the months following Hurricane Katrina, Metro Service Group functioned in a crucial recovery role by providing Debris Management, Demolition and Construction Services throughout the region. 


Under the leadership of brothers Jimmie M. Woods, Sr. and Glenn H. Woods, Sr.,  Metro Service Group counts as clients, public, private, commercial and industrial entities.  This list includes the United States Army Corp of Engineers, FEMA, the United States Air Force, the United States Navy, the City of New Orleans, as well as a myriad of other organizations.  Additionally, Metro provides design/build construction services for various other agencies.  


Metro Service Group employs a staff of highly trained and qualified professionals and administrators utilizing cutting edge technology and creativity to successfully manage complex multimillion dollar projects.  With over 39 years of outstanding service and commitment, Metro continues to aggressively seek opportunities that expand its scope, increase its capacity and strengthen its position as an essential resource.  With its eye squarely on the future, Metro is focused on opportunities that will propel its success for generations.

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